START WITH ART: The Woman with the Irises

START WITH ART: The Woman with the Irises

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what about feeding your mind and soul? With #STARTWITHART, you can nourish your creativity and critical thinking skills in just a few minutes each morning.

Step One: Contemplate the Art

Take a moment to gaze upon the artwork provided below. Let its beauty wash over you as you observe the colors, textures, and emotions it evokes.

Step Two: Stimulate Conversation

Beneath the image, you'll find a set of questions designed to spark meaningful discussions. Share these questions with your loved ones and enjoy exploring the artwork together. You'll be amazed at the insights and perspectives that emerge.

Step Three: Harness the Power of Art

Art has the incredible ability to inspire us, challenge us, and broaden our horizons. By incorporating art into your morning routine, you're setting the stage for a day filled with creativity and curiosity. Notice how the conversations sparked by art continue to resonate throughout the day, enriching your experiences and interactions.

In less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee, you can embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with #STARTWITHART. So why not make art a regular part of your morning routine? You'll be amazed at the impact it has on your outlook and mindset.

Title: The Woman with the Irises

Artist: Georges Alfred Bottini

Date: 1898

Medium: Color lithograph on paper

Dimensions: 34 x 29.8 cm

Start with Art Questions:

  • What is the woman in this artwork doing? 
  • Describe the colors selected by the artist. Do the colors remind you of a particular season? 
  • Look closely! We spy snakes! Do you see them? Why might they have been included? 

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