Meet Jenna and Janet!

We're so delighted you're here.


In 2010, a common friend, Ken, introduced us. "You were both Art History majors," he told us.  

Turns out we had that, and a whole lot more, in common. We both love whiskey cocktails, coffee, summer movie nights, and wrapping presents.

Plus, we are really good at dreaming up projects. Together, we’ve planned fancy fundraisers, creative art experiences, and local community events. 

Another thing we have in common: we both have young children and we agree that one of the best things about being a parent is watching our children make art. As art lovers and parents, we delight in the masterpieces our kids create. Like many proud parents, we hang the artwork on the fridge or mail it to the grandparents. 

We’ve noticed something conspicuously absent from early arts education, though--context about art. A Paw Patrol coloring book can save a rainy day, no doubt, but we were looking for something more. Something that would help our kids learn to love art, not only as a form of creative expression, but as a rich, diverse, important part of the human experience. 

We want our kids--and yours!--to walk into an art museum, look at a painting, and say “I could make that” (because they have) and “I understand and value that” (because they do).


Page of Art History is the best project we’ve dreamed up yet.