Time to sharpen those colored pencils! 


Imagine opening an Art History textbook, turning the pages, and discovering that the world's masterpieces have transformed into coloring pages.

Page of Art History is a monthly subscription of printable coloring pages. Each month, subscribers download and print a coloring packet depicting images from a period in Art History, presented in timeline order. We call each month's collection of coloring pages a Page Pack.

Each monthly Page Pack includes beautiful, hand-drawn coloring pages of the world's masterpieces, plus color palettes, interesting Art History facts, and a glossary of terms. 

Subscribers will have access to links to the masterpieces so they can learn more about each artwork, find where it is located, and see the work of art in its true colors. The masterpieces can be colored true to the originals or subscribers can let their crayons run wild! Reinvent the Mona Lisa in 90s neon? Give Michelangelo's David a pair of Bermuda shorts? Why not?!  

Subscribers will also have access to additional resources --links, books recommendations, and simple art project ideas--to explore more. 

In short, subscribers receive:

  • Access to our Page of Art History portal
  • Coloring packs covering 12+ art movements, one per month for one year
  • 12+ new coloring pages per month in PDF format for printing
  • At least one image per month to color on your tablet
  • Links to the masterpieces online at museums around the world
  • Bonus materials 

Year One Timeline

Month 1: Paleolithic
Month 2: Ancient Egypt
Month 3: Ancient Greek and Roman Art
Month 4: Medieval Art
Month 5: Italian Renaissance
Month 6:  Northern Renaissance

Month 7: Mannerism
Month 8: Baroque
Month 9: Rococo
Month 10: Romanticism
Month 11: Realism
Month 12: Impressionism

I'm in! Let's Color!

We have a super rad audacious goal.


We want all children (and adults, too) to learn to love art. Both creating art and understanding art's role as a rich, diverse, important part of the human experience. 

Our current subscription plan is just Step One in building the most comprehensive collection of creative and educational resources about Art History for families, schools, and communities.