START WITH ART: The Song of the Lark

START WITH ART: The Song of the Lark

We're starting our day by examining "The Song of the Lark" pictured below. Take a look at the artwork then read the questions to the students/children in your life and see how starting your day with art can ignite creativity and critical thinking!

Let's get started.

Title: The Song of the Lark

Artist: Jules Adolphe Breton

Date: 1884

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 110.6 × 85.8 cm

Start with Art Questions: 

  • Can you describe the scene, including the girl and any other elements that catch your eye?
  • The title suggests a connection between the girl and a lark. How do you think the artist has captured the idea of a lark's song in the painting? 

  • Jules Breton often painted scenes of rural life. How does "The Song of the Lark" represent the beauty of nature and the simplicity of everyday life? 

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