START WITH ART: Statue of Tutankhamun

START WITH ART: Statue of Tutankhamun

We START WITH ART each morning with our kids (Jenna's kids are 6 and 9, Janet's is 9). This takes us less than five minutes each morning and tends to be re-visited later in the day at the dinner table or during our evening reading sessions. We find this little exercise each morning ignites creativity and sparks critical thinking. 

Here's how to #STARTWITHART:

Step one: Take a look at the artwork below

Step two: Read the questions below the picture of the art to the students/children in your life

Step three: See how starting your day with art can ignite creativity and critical thinking! 

It's that easy! Let's START WITH ART!

Title: Statue of Tutankhamun

Date: 1350 BC (18th Dynasty)
Medium: Granodiorite
Dimensions: 167.70 cm
Start with Art Questions: 

  • Tutankhamun was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt who became famous because of the discovery of his tomb, which was filled with treasures. Why do you think his tomb might have been significant?
  • What does the statue look like, and can you describe the details? He is wearing a royal 'nemes' headcloth, false beard, beaded broad collar, and elaborately pleated kilt. Why might he be wearing these special items? 
  • In ancient Egypt, statues were often made to honor and represent pharaohs. Why do you think the Egyptians made statues of their leaders, and what purpose do you think these statues served?

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