START WITH ART: February - Torch Dance

START WITH ART: February - Torch Dance

Good morning! We begin each day by examining a piece of art from history. Today’s artwork is pictured below. Take a look, then read the questions to the students/children in your life and watch how starting the day with art can ignite creativity and critical thinking!

Title: February - Torch Dance

Date: around 1650

Medium: Wool, Weft: Wool/Silk

Dimensions: 352 × 237 cm

Start with Art Questions:

  • What is happening in this tapestry? What is each person doing? What do you think the mood is? 
  • A "border" is the edge or boundary of something. What do you see in the border of this tapestry? 
  • This tapestry is part of a series, with each tapestry representing different months of the year. What do you think the other months might show? 

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