START WITH ART: Bathers at Asnières

START WITH ART: Bathers at Asnières

Welcome/welcome back! We're starting our day by examining the painting pictured below. Take a look at the artwork then read the questions to the students/children in your life and see how starting your day with art can ignite creativity and critical thinking!

Title: Bathers at Asnières

Artist: Georges Seurat

Date: 1884

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 201 × 300 cm

Start with Art Questions:

  • Describe the day that you see in this painting. What is everyone doing? Describe the weather. What clues tell you about the temperature or season? 
  • Look closely at the image. How did Georges Seurat create the sky, water, and trees? What colors do you see and how are they used? 
  • If you were in the image, what would the day feel like? Would you swim in the water? 

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